re(vive) retreats – Nicaragua

For the upcoming yoga and surf retreat to Nicaragua, I worked closely with re(vive) retreats to make an enchanting postcard to hand out to local businesses and organizations. The postcard was used to spread awareness of the retreat and attract individuals to join.

For this project, our target market was health conscious individuals interested in a relaxing surf and yoga retreat. The background image on this post card portrayed that message with a peaceful relaxing evening scene from the location of the retreat. Next, I put the title, location, and date front and center so the individual knew exactly what they were looking at. After that, I took the information provided by Re(vive) and came up with a concise paragraph and bulleted features to attract the individual to join the retreat. For typography I chose a minimalist font that expressed peace and relaxation, the goal of the retreat.

This project was designed and laid out in Adobe InDesign.


  • ✦ Marketing Collateral Design
  • ✦ Postcard Design